Calling is big business.

In the US alone, there are billions of incoming sales calls each year. The phone remains the most effective means to drive quality new customer engagements. And the close rate of phone calls remains superior to other modes, especially for products that require pre-sales education.

We partner with companies that wish to monetize their call traffic and generate new advertising revenue. Our approach is simple, our team does all the analysis, and sets up the monetization algorithms. You just deliver us the traffic.

We monetize your call traffic with in-call product offers. We select the right advertising partners that match up to your call traffic.

Our unique approach customizes offers to match the profile of your call traffic. We'll provide you with call reports and we'll work together to grow your new reveneue stream.

Based on your call traffic you may qualify to be paid by the minute or you may qualify for a revenue share based on ad revenue generated.

Learn how it works.